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Indoor rowing team

This team started during lockdown and I wanted it to be a place for everyone not just the medal chasing elites. 

The coaching team want to help anyone wanting to improve their indoor rowing and ensure they do so while enjoying the process and feeling part of the team.  This is why we offer online sessions  , in person sessions, bespoke training plans, competitions and socials. 


Improving performance is more than just building robust engines, how you row is often the biggest blocker to progress, which is why we offer a few coaching options, including monthly athlete check-ins to assess technique and training progress. 


We get the best out of your rowing by getting the best of you.  The most important thing is you enjoy ride, maybe not some of the workouts, but there is little point in doing something unless you trust and enjoy the process and the team. 

I have a proven track record - even won an award for it ! - so come join the team



Coach Rob

Online sessions

Our online sessions are follow along sessions with your coach which means they are there working hard with you. During the session you are able to follow the rate and rhythm of you experienced coach while receiving technical cues along the way

Online water session

Unlike other clubs we meet once a week online - sometimes more- using the EXR app and row together.  A great way to break the monotony of lonely erg sessions and its comforting to see fellow team mates paddling along side. 

C2 Cross team challenge

This is a monthly online challenge against other teams.  Good fun and very motivating to see your progress against other competitors of the same level. 

Training plans

 Whether you're looking to maximize your performance, improve your overall fitness, or reach new personal bests, our experienced coaches and mentors will work with you to develop a personalized strategy that's tailored to your unique needs. With our help, you'll be competition-ready and prepared to crush your fitness goals. Let's get started today.

What Our Clients Say

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