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Blade Rowers is an off and online indoor rowing club formed to help get you fit, healthy and confident.


Rowing is a great, full body, low impact exercise and can be utilised to help you achieve a variety of goals.  It's useful for everything from weight loss, to increased stamina and endurance, greater speed & improved cardiovascular performance.


The Blade Rowers crew is made up of rowers who are all different levels and abilities. Classes are designed so that everyone can take part and get the most out of each session. We try to make sure that there’s an atmosphere of inclusivity and support in all our classes!


When you sign up you’ll be given access to classes as well as individual sessions with the coach to help you improve your technique so you can get the most out of your workouts. 


Fitness journeys are more enjoyable when shared with others which is why we focus on building relationships and a community as well as your training goals.

Coronavirus update:


Blade Rowers will continue to offer all sessions online after restrictions have been lifted.  At that time we will also be starting to offer in-person, individual & group sessions.

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