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Blade Rowers was created to make rowing more accessible and to give people the chance to reap the rewards that rowing can bring. 


Whether your goal is to get fit, improve your technique and be competitive, find a new hobby or make friends we have you covered. 


Rowing is one of the best forms of exercise because its full body, low impact and can be utilised to help achieve a variety of goals; weight loss, improved confidence, stamina, endurance, speed, strength, strong core and improved mental health to name just a few.  Being low impact it means its perfect for everyone of any age and level. 


Classes are designed so that everyone can take part and get the most out of each session. We try to make sure that there’s an atmosphere of inclusivity and support in all our classes! 


Fitness journeys are more enjoyable when shared with others which is why we focus on building relationships and a community in this brilliant sport.

Blade Rowers educates, delivers and enables. 

Lets go!

Get in touch and lets get you feeling fitter, stronger and happier!

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