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  • I don't have a rowing machine can I still sign up?
    Yes of course! Our RowFit sessions can work with Bikes and Ski ergs. If you don't have these then you can join our circuit sessions
  • I currently follow along to rowing YouTubers for free, what makes this different?"
    Great question! While some videos on YouTube are great, the difference with our club is that you get feedback. When you join any sports club or learn a new skill you should expect a coaching session to be 2 way; it's ok being told what to do but to progress you need to understand, feel and see the changes being made. That's where we come in.
  • Do I pay more for video analysis taken during my session with the coach ?
    No Way! That is all included in your membership.
  • I'm really enjoying my rowing and would like to compete. Do you offer training plans?
    Absolutely we do. In our Gold membership you get the lot. A few months before competitions the coach will give all members the opportunity to compete and those interested will get a training plan
  • My work commitments mean I can't attend all the sessions. Will they be recorded?
    Yes indeed. Every session will be recorded and available to members on request so no one misses out. Recordings expire after 3 days.
  • Do I get a reminder to pay my membership each month?
    Your membership is automatcially renewed each month
  • Does it run for a month from the day I sign up?
    You have the option of selecting the start date when you sign up
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