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It is fantastic to be supporting Rob with his exciting indoor rowing club. Rob is officially trained through the British Rowing Go Row Indoor Instructor workshop and is a highly motivated instructor, with great knowledge and enthusiasm to achieve your fitness goals through indoor rowing activities. Rob's offer is recognised as part of the Go Row Indoor Club initiative which is the nationally recognised indoor rowing programme promoted by British Rowing. Go Row Indoor aims to get more people indoor rowing for fun, fitness, health or competition, whether you're new to the sport or a rowing expert. Rob's classes for example are designed to do just that and are highly appealing to people in the local community looking for new forms of group exercise. With indoor rowing working 85% of muscles, and providing a low impact, high intensity workout, Rob provides you a great and exciting new way to get active in 2021, being part of the new fitness craze and becoming part of the next generation of indoor rowers that feel connected to the sport.

Chris Farrell, British Rowing Project Manager - Go Row Indoor Programme

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It has been great to see Rob work on his dream project over these last 18 months. Ironically Lock Down has provided the perfect platform to nurture his dream of launching an online rowing club to absolutely anyone. Rob's vision has always been pretty simple; to share his passion for rowing and fitness with as many people as he can and I really, really get that. He's funny, chatty and the proudest Essex rower I know (I only know one). I have joined in a few of Rob's training sessions and they are great; he covers fitness based cardio workouts on the rowing machine, body movement exercises, some technical advice on the rowing stroke and has such a personal way with all his clients. His warm-ups and workouts are thorough and well thought through. I am hoping to become one of Rob's first signed up members!

Gillian Lindsay - Olympic Silver Medallist (W4x) Sydney 2000 - World Champion (W2x) Cologne 1998

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In just a short period of time, being part of the RowFit community and working with Coach Rob has yielded results which have far surpassed anything I could have achieved on my own. Along with his extensive knowledge, Rob’s faultless dedication to his clients truly sets him apart as an outstanding coach who provides exceptional value.


I personally think he’s significantly under charging for the level of service he provides, but I certainly won’t complain


And if he keeps improving my  Harkers competition, I’ll take it all back and say he hasn’t got a clue 😜

Mark Lawson - Rowhedge Coastal Rowing Club

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I met Rob at a time when I was struggling with an injury and had a 500 mile rowing challenge to complete. He immediately gave me confidence that I would be able continue with my challenge. He assessed my form and gave detailed advice on stretches and additional exercises I could use in my training. I have since started weekly RowFit classes and PT sessions in combination with my challenge and can honestly say I wouldn’t still be (happily) rowing without his help.

His constant positivity and encouragement keeps you going when you’re completely shattered and despite him being a West Ham fan, I always look forward to our next session!

Jess House

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Rob and rowing are positives that came into my life at the start of the covid years...I have enjoyed the discipline Rob brings to keeping fit, his knowledge and his humour.  He introduced me to a new sport, I love being part of is crew and years later we are still going.

Ruth Dutson

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