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Getting fitter and stronger through rowing
Crossfit Rowing Machines


Total Body Workout

Core Strength & Flexibility

Boost Your Health

Efficient Fat-burning

Available To Anyone

Low Impact On The Joints

Easy To Access

Hits A Variety of Fitness Goals


Blade Rowers is for everyone everywhere. Our sessions are recorded so you can catch up later in the day.  


Your progress is important to us which is why a monthly session with your coach is included in both our memberships


Investing in your health has never been more important so our memberships are affordable and cost efficient.


Joining our crew brings you together with others making your experience fun, motivating and inspiring whatever your journey.



When I first started rowing I was unfit, unhealthy and working in a stressful job in the city. I knew I needed to make a change so I started attending indoor rowing classes at my local gym, and they had a big impact on me!


What I noticed right away was that I was losing weight and gaining in strength at the same time. I loved seeing the feedback that I was getting from the rowing machine, easily tracking my stats to see how I was improving over time.  I made friends with other regulars and we quickly started to encourage and support each other in our goals. Over time my confidence improved and I felt more able to tackle stressful situations at work.  


Rowing was having such a positive effect on my life that I decided to take the next step and started competing at indoor rowing tournaments, soon after I joined a Rowing Club. 


Rowing as part of a club crew taught me how to be a real team player, how to act in the best interests of the whole team and how to show up and commit to a united goal.

After just 2 years our crew qualified for, and raced at Henley Royal Regatta - no mean feat for any crew! 6 years later and I have raced many times with many different crews but always with the same passion and belief in the sport. 


I knew quite early on in my journey that once I had enough experience I’d like to start coaching because I wanted other people to benefit from rowing in the same way I had. Over the last couple of years I’ve dedicated myself to releasing this ambition.


I’m now a qualified Rowing Coach, British Indoor rowing instructor and qualified Personal Trainer.


Blade Rowers is the culmination of my dream to make rowing an accessible, fun, affordable, team building, life changing experience for anyone who wants to try it. I hope you get as much out of it as I do!

Rob Mayes