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Blade Rowers is a Essex-based community for rowers of all ages and abilities, created to get more people involved in rowing, and with the purpose of making it more accessible. It was started by Rob during lockdown, where he offered both new and experienced rowers online coaching and rowing machine workouts. After experiencing a surge in popularity, he brought CJ on board to help deliver new initiatives and help spread the rowing bug to even more people.


What do we do, and why?


We are deeply passionate about both indoor and outdoor rowing, and generally getting people fitter and happier in an inclusive and accessible way.


Rowing is a sport unlike any other, because of the numerous health benefits available to everyone, regardless of their ability. It improves physical and mental health, helps develop social skills, and studies show that it boosts educational attainment. We may be biased, but we believe it's the perfect sport for everyone to both try and thrive in. 


Our goal is to deliver fun but challenging rowing sessions and training that aim to increase your fitness levels, improve your overall health and wellbeing, and inject a bit of fun into the mix at the same time.


We do this by: 

- leading indoor rowing classes, both online and in person

- providing private coaching on water and indoors, for individuals and crews

- setting online training programmes

- creating an indoor rowing team, whereby Blade Rower members compete in C2C challenges and competitions

- running technical workshops for all levels and abilities

- giving links to water-based rowing clubs in Essex, providing further opportunities to both clubs and those individuals wishing to join them.

As you can see, we offer a variety of services, so if you want to join our indoor team, take part in a class or facilitate a class at your club, have private coaching or perhaps benefit from one of our technical workshops then we have you covered. 


We firmly believe that anyone can start rowing - be it in a boat, or on a rowing machine at home or in the gym - and that once you start, you won't want to stop!

We are Blade Rowers. We educate, we deliver and we enable. 


Our Sessions

  • Available Online

    Legendary online rowing session. Join in and feel part of a team. Alw...

    Mon, Fri

    1 hr

    6 British pounds
  • Full body workout

    Fri, Sun

    1 hr

    10 British pounds
  • 1-2-1 training

    1 hr

    40 British pounds
  • Full body workout on and off the machine


    1 hr

    7 British pounds
Crossfit Rowing Machines


Indoor rowing fitness classes in-person at various locations

and online. 



Join our indoor rowing team.  Competitions and training plans




- One to one coaching (Indoor and water) 

- Rowing Workshops

- Personal training

- Online training programmes



Access and links to water based rowing clubs in Essex. 

Crossfit Rowing Machines


Total Body Workout

Core Strength & Flexibility

Boosts Your Mental Health

Efficient Fat-burning

Available To Anyone

Low Impact On The Joints

Easy To Access

Hits A Variety of Fitness Goals

Cross Training

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