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The Big Row

Hi all,

Further to my email last week.

The Big Row kicks off next Monday. if you haven’t signed up then please do so, It would be so good to see a strong showing from Blade rowers and even better to be one of the top clubs for metres rowed!

A reminder. Our team challenge is for each member to row 42k (and more if you wish!!) between 28th June - 4th July.

Add up the metres from all your sessions (row or ski erg only!)

  • Each member that reaches 42k will receive a Free Big Row T-shirt.

  • The first person to reach 42k - will win a gift basket donated by '10 beer bottles'and will also set the first Blade Rowers monthly challenge.*

  • The member that rows the most metres will win a sports massage.

Next weeks two crew room sessions are a good way to clock up some big milage together.

Get those miles done, upload them on the website and I’ll keep a daily tally.

Sign up, row lots, lose some unwanted timber and support a great cause.

Come on you know it makes sense


*each challenge can be anything! For example who can row 1111m the fastest . You have the month to keep at it and try to get better.

I will weight adjust some of these challenges to make it fair and have male and female leader boards.


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